Crowning Performance Equine Dentistry - Trained under Spencer LaFleur Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry

Why Natural Balance Dentistry?
Many horse owners acknowledge the benefits and merits of regular and routine equine dental care relative to the welfare of their horse, therefore many recognize the importance of a regular maintenance program.  However there are sizable numbers of horse owners who elect to abstain from having any equine dental care made available to their horses. Why?

Proper natural balance dentistry generally will cost between $250-$350.  That may sound like a lot of money to someone.  But, when you put it into perspective, you will see that the benefits outweigh the cost.  A person should have dentistry done on their equine at least once a year (usually, however, there are a few exceptions).  So, the price you're paying is an annual cost, whereas shoeing, trimming, training, diet etc. are things that will be on a more regular basis.  Not to mention the money that proper dentistry will save you with other routine care and maintenance issues. 

Choosing the Correct Dentist

It can be overwhelming to go about researching and choosing the correct person to perform dentistry on your equines.  There is a lot of conflicting information out there that can be confusing.  There are different options and different levels of service within those options to choose from.  Some people may use hand instruments and not power tools, but simply file off the points and deem that to be 'good'.  Others are more aggressive and use power tools, which can create brittle teeth that will split from the heat and excessive corrections, causing flattening of the tooth and bite plane. Below is a link to our school's website that can explain more about why you would want to choose Natural Balance Dentistry over other forms of dentistry. 

Don't Wait Until There Is a Problem
By waiting for signs that determine there are problems lurking within the oral cavity of your horse, you are in some ways playing Russian roulette with your horse’s health.  Horse’s teeth are hypsodontic by nature meaning they continue to erupt throughout their lives; therefore even with regular and routine equine dental care we are only keeping a reign on existing malocclusions. Regular and routine equine dental care is what we term maintenance; however without this kind of care these maintenance issues become dental pathologies that are in need of correction, which often have far greater implications.  Remember, prevention is better than cure, and much cheaper too.  Every horse is an individual and each reacts differently to pain. Some handle it well and others do not.  If you have a horse that is of the former, often by the time a dentist gets to see your horse the implications are far greater and a simple routine maintenance service is not going to do your horse justice.  We have taught horses to yield to pressure, imagine the mixed signals you are giving if every time he yields, he is in pain.  Just because your horse does a great job of hiding his pain, does not mean he is not in pain, it just means he has a high tolerance of pain.  You can be assured his teeth will be sharp, he will have ulceration and all sorts of other nasties, some which may shock you.