Crowning Performance Equine Dentistry - Trained under Spencer LaFleur Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry

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  • I have been using a natural balanced equine dentist now for about 5 years on our mule and horses.  I am absolutely amazed at the awesome experience it is for the animal ( no trauma or drama) and the amount of knowledge and skill Randy has with regard to neurology and bio mechanics of the horse with regard to how the mouth (teeth) play in over all health and soundness.   
         Randy has years of training specific to dentistry where as vets many times will only get a few hours of                  schooling in their entire vet program. Randy is certified and has continuing education requirements at                  periodic intervals.   

       What I like best is that he uses very little sedation, he works with the animals energy with breathing and              calm, methodical movements that makes it very comfortable for the animal.  He works most of the time              from his knees so that the animal can hang their head in a normal eating position rather than cranked up on          a stand.  And no power tools.~Lori B

  • "I've been meaning to tell you that my horse is a different horse since he had natural balance dentistry done.  I hadn't had time to ride with any regularity until a week or two ago and I really notice a difference.  The things that we used to work on daily -- stiffness to the left, rushing at the trot, very poor balance in the canter left -- are almost completely resolved.  When I bought him, I was told he'd been trained to Prix St. Georges but after a year of working with him, I decided that must have been in a different life.  No matter how much patient work I did with him on the longe, his canter to the left remained uncoordinated and he pinned his ear at every strike-off.  I gave up on the idea of ever going very far with him.  I'd been told he'd had an old hamstring injury, so I figured that was what caused the seeming permanent asymmetry and kept him from showing me what he used to do.  Now, without my having done anything, his right and left lead canters are symmetrical and balanced.  His anxious rushing at the trot is essentially gone, and he can flex at the poll in both directions.  Sometimes I look at him and think he looks 5 years younger.  The dental work is the only thing that has happened that could have had this profound effect.  It certainly wasn't training or anything I did.  I couldn't be more thrilled -- and he seems much, much happier in his work."  ~Kristin
  • "Sir has no TMJ clicks anymore, and is much more comfortable.  He's not even shaking his head like he as bugs in his ears. I'm beyond happy."  Thank you!  ~Christie
  • "I have seen first hand the problems that bad teeth can cause training and health issues to problems keeping on weight. About a year ago, I purchased a western pleasure horse that had been bucking and throwing people. The previous owner had to get rid of him because of this behavior.  I took him on in the hopes that I could make a difference.  After trying all kinds of training techniques and having him checked with a Veterinarian, it was suggested that I get him dental care.  After a lot of research, I ended up getting him dentistry with Randy and I am so thankful that I did.  The horse has changed into a completely different horse.  He has put on a little bit of weight and his overall attitude has changed.  He's much more comfortable and much happier and we no longer have any issues with bucking or any other behavioral issue.  I would recommend Randy to anyone!" ~David Bartell
  • "It has been less than three months and my horse has gained so much weight that we have had to cut back a little on his feed. His ribs are now covered in flesh and fat and he looks so much healthier! Your dental work definitely improved his health and your visit definitely paid for itself, saving in wasted feed and vet bills.  I cannot thank you enough!" ~Debbie Willow

  • Thank you for doing my horses dental today - such a pleasure to have teeth done now - it used to be such a grueling process, seemed medieval and usually there was lots of blood :)
         Plus, with the donkey, the DVM's that have done his teeth have actually given up because they could not           control him - even AFTER large doses of tranquilizers!  So, without question - your methods are so much         better for both me and my horses.

  • Hi Randy,   I wanted to let you know that Fancy was able to eat hay by Sunday. I noticed that she seems to have lessened in the aggressiveness of her chewing. I guess that could be because she is still adjusting to the equilibration or the equilibration has helped her chew better:)   I rode her on Sunday and again today. I was pleased to notice that she seems to be able to move her tongue and play with the bit more easily. I no longer hear her grind her teeth. She also seems more relaxed in the poll. So I’m thankful if this continues and again appreciate your care.   Kathy 

  • Hi, Randy:

    My vet looked at everyone's teeth and all is well.  He said you did a
    great job, especially so for Fritzi, who devours his hay and is
    looking great (no cudding either).  Actually, all the horses are
    eating well and look good. Thank you SO much!  Deborah

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