Crowning Performance Equine Dentistry - Trained under Spencer LaFleur Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry

Service & Pricing
Randy treats each horse as an individual with the respect it deserves, with each individual service reliant upon the use of common sense, and bona fide horsemanship skills, and without the use of high speed non-water cooled power tools, restraints or heavy tranquilizers.
 Randy uses only the best state of the art ergonomic surgical grade stainless steel dental tools and equipment sourced from only the most reputable of suppliers.  Upon completion of the dental service Randy will give the horse a light rinse of a diluted anti-bacterial antiseptic solution.
Randy provides a measure of work that best represents the function and anatomical conformation of the horse’s oral cavity that is of the highest industry standards.
Randy works in conjunction with some of the finest equine veterinary teams and can organize X-rays and more advanced surgical procedures if needed. 

We do not discriminate.  We work with donkeys, mules, minis and ponies as well as all breeds and disciplines of horses.

Pricing range: $300-$350 per horse.  Pricing will depend on location, number of equines, pathology etc.

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept checks, cash and credit cards. There is a 3% service charge added to credit card transactions.