Crowning Performance Equine Dentistry - Trained under Spencer LaFleur Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry


Most of our work is done outside of Oregon.  Therefore, it necessitates a large amount of pre-planning and scheduling.  Because of this, we require a minimum two week cancellation notice in and outside of Oregon.  If you cancel in less than the two week period, we will do our best to fill your spot, which would mean that you would NOT be held accountable for any applicable cancellation fee.  If we cannot fill your spot, then we have a $125/horse cancellation fee.  This is to help us cover the costs of the trip, including airfare, car rental, room/board etc.  Also, we put together our schedule based on how many horses you have so if we think we are doing more than 8 in one location, we will schedule 2 days.  In order not to waste time and money, we'd like to be as organized as possible.  Randy is away from his family when he's on his business trips so we'd like to have him home if we can!

Thank you for your understanding.