Crowning Performance Equine Dentistry - Trained under Spencer LaFleur Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry

About Us
Dedication, Devotion, Determination and Discipline are the hallmarks that characterize Randy's approach to equine dentistry.  His objective is very simple; to share the knowledge of equine dentistry by providing regular and routine equine dental services for horses to help them with an improvement in general well-being and quality of life, consistency in performance, longevity and the removal of pain associated within the oral cavity.  His equine dentistry is based on non-invasive stress-free methodology, horsemanship and common sense.  All companionable equines great and small, from horses and ponies to mules and donkeys need regular and routine equine dental care, and we strive to obtain the best competitively and the most longevity, out of all individual horses.
First and foremost Randy is a horseman and like all genuine horseman he has the ability to forge a trusting relationship with horses by adopting a non-confrontational approach.  Patience and bona fide horsemanship skills enables Randy to provide a comprehensive equine dental service that is comfortable and composed for the horse at a competitive price.  Randy endeavours to take the worry out of horse owners for the safety and treatment of their prized equines.  He works across the spectrum of all horse and pony breeds, donkeys and mules and all associated equine equestrian disciplines and pursuits.
Regular and routine equine dentistry care that alleviates all form of oral pain and preventing any irregular dental pathology from developing into more serious health issues is the basis of our beliefs and philosophies, and is the underlying reason why all good dentists become successful.  These methods have been tried and tested over time and have been found to be the most effective and humane way of maintaining well-being and health relative to all equidae.  Our objectives outside of implementing sensible equine dental care is to provide education for horse owners so they can better understand the principles of equine dentistry, in an effort to alleviate some of the confusion being felt out in the wider horse industry community.  
Being a traditional equine dentist, Randy is not a veterinarian and he does not profess to be.  Although comprehensively trained, he readily accepts that he is not trained to be solely responsible in making decisions about conditions that are beyond his capabilities.  As a very  accomplished equine dentist he knows when to draw the line; his favorable working relationship with highly ethical veterinarians who have studied and specialized in surgery allows for a professional referral system which is great when dealing with cases needing more specialized care.