Crowning Performance Equine Dentistry - Trained under Spencer LaFleur Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry
Natural Balance Dentistry® focuses on neuromuscular equilibration, restoring bio mechanical motion of the jaw, bringing comfort and balance to the TMJ. From increasing muscle mass and maximizing performance to optimum dietary absorption, from comfort to balance, it all starts with the mouth.
The incisors are addressed first to restore proper length and angle. This allows for proper movement of the jaw giving balance to the TMJ. After this, the premolars and molars can then be adjusted to maximize surface to surface contact of all teeth. The priority is achieving performance and muscle mass-not just taking off the sharp points.
A comprehensive evaluation of not just the mouth, but the whole horse is important for planning a restoration strategy. By observing the horse’s body, movement and responsiveness, you can gauge problems before even looking at the teeth.  In some cases, such as those resulting from a past trauma or improper shoeing, it is vital to have other muscular skeletal issues fixed first through chiropractic work, body work, acupuncture or trimming.  We believe that a well balanced horse starts in the mouth, then you move to the body and then the feet.  Randy is currently certified as an Affiliated Bodwork Hoofcare Professional, which is not a full bodywork session, but balancing techniques applied to help restore and maintain balance. Also of utmost importance is regular, proper Veterinarian care.
Natural Balance Dentistry® addresses the incisors first, restoring them to proper length and angle. This allows for the proper movement of the TMJ and jaw. Once that balance is restored, the premolars and molars can be adjusted to maximize the surface to surface contact of all teeth. Doing so restores anterior/posterior movement and the correct lateral motion of the jaw as well as the natural guidance, rotation and function to the TMJ.  Natural Balance Dentists believe in making the most conservative adjustments, removing the minimal level of pathology, yet in so doing achieving maximum results leading to profound changes throughout the horse’s body.
Natural Balance Dentistry® makes adjustments with hand instruments that are designed to fit the horses' mouth and maintain proper angle of the molar tables. It is accomplished in a relaxed environment, providing a comfortable experience for both you and your horse.  All the work is done with the horses' head in a natural relaxed position so there are no restraints, no soft tissue injury. This reduces stress, and promotes a comfortable, relaxed environment for horses and their owners.
Randy Erickson studied under Spencer LaFlure at Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry.   
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The Horsemans Guide to Natural Balance Dentistry